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   Feb 22

Burpee Herb Garden

I was at The Home Depot the other day getting some hardware to rehang grow lights and I stumbled across this Burpee Complete Herb Garden. I’ve heard you can effectively grow herbs under fluorescent grow lights, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Burpee Complete Herb Garden

I went ahead and followed the instructions, which indicated I should put the included coir pellets in the pot and add water. Unfortunately the pot has very large holes, so I had to add water very slowly to allow time for the coir pellets to absorb it. Eventually though, I got all the coir pellets expanded. After that it was as simple matter of planting the seeds and parking it under a light.

It only took a few days for the sprouts to come up and I now have a several different herbs growing. I planted some of the parsley, oregano, and chive seeds. I opted to leave out the basil.

The pot isn’t very big, so I don’t know how long til the herbs out grow the pot. Additionally, the pot is “100% biodegradable” and made from rice hulls. Not sure how long it takes to start ‘degrading’, but hopefully it won’t be until I’m done with it.

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  1. DMV says:

    Thanks for describing what you did-at least your kit came with the instructions-was there something about a light? or will sunshine work?

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